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Dead tired

 As far as weekends go, this one was moderately exciting. I took the kittens outside for the first time yesterday (on a leash, I should add). We spent about thirty minutes in my dad's backyard (with him helping since it was their first excursion). They were very nervous and shaky, but I'd like to think they thought it was interesting. ;)

I spent last night at my best friend's house in Uppsala catching up with her and her family (including her 11-month-old who knows me as "Auntie Christine"), but I made sure to be back early so the cats wouldn't miss me too badly.

Work again tomorrow. Yuck. I'm so uninspired right now, but absolutely love my co-workers. In fact, I love everything about my job except the work itself. This may be a problem. Anyway, I've applied for another job "in house" that they will start interviewing for in about a week. I would absolutely LOVE to land that position. Will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Now off to bed, it's still early (at least by my standards), but I'm about to black out right here on the couch and we really don't want that. Good night all.

Starting over!

 I haven't posted anything to my LiveJournal account in nearly two years, but thought it might be time to start up again, however erratic my updates might be. I guess most of my online activities over the last couple of years have changed from being more active on message boards and "social blog" places like LJ to devoting most of my time to either my Daredevil blog (which is time consuming, but something I can set aside pre-scheduled chunks of time for) and Twitter, which is something you can do on the fly throughout the day. With work keeping me so busy, that's been the best way to go about it, but I have to admit that I miss spending time with online friends. We'll see if I can get back into that a little bit. Anyway, I'm sort of starting over here so I've made all of my older entries "Friends Only" (there was no point in removing them). That should make for a nice, clean "blank slate" of sorts. 

Things that have happened since I last posted is that my darling cat Smulan died last October and that I now have two new cats: Murdock and Elektra. Being a die-hard Daredevil fans, I could think of no better names for them. At the time of this writing, they are just shy of five months old. They are already quite big, but they're maine coons so that's as it should be. I've also, of course, met a bunch of new people and made wonderful journeys far and wide. However, on a larger scale, it's depressing to see how little progress I've made in my life since I last checked in here. I'm still single, which is really starting to worry me, if mostly for "reproductive reasons" (I'm 33 and I can't even fathom never having children). I'm actually one of those people who are very content being on my own, but I know that I do want a family and it bothers me to no end that I have such a hard time falling in love. 

Enough about that, though, most of the things in my life make me very happy, and I suspect I will spend most of my time here just commenting on various things related to pop culture. Now it's time to run off to the store.

Kittens Murdock and Elektra

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