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Christine's Corner

Reflections on life, cats, and comics

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Yuck, just read my old bio and realized that it won't do at all. I haven't used this blog much, and I probably won't since I'm busy blogging elsewhere. I will make an attempt to actually post all of my fanfic around here, but the best place to find it, for the time being, is on FanFiction.net (same username as here).

Meanwhile, if you've found your way over here, it's probably because you've followed some comment I've made somewhere (being linked to a community of other users is my primary reason for having an LJ account). If so, chances are that it was probably Daredevil-related, and you might be interested in checking out my other blog The Other Murdock Papers, the most ambitious Daredevil blog on the ol' "Internets." That may sound a little cocky, but it's not as if the competition is all that crushing.

Anybody wants to know about me? Well, I'm currently two months short of my 31st birthday, and have realized that I'll never grow up completely, which is a very good thing. I'm single, live in Sweden and work in politics. I love writing. It's what I do for a living (I basically handle external communications for my two assigned members of parliament), and it's what I do when I have time to spare, either in the form of Daredevil fanfiction or blogging. I recently took up blogging about non-DD stuff over at my new blog Nuggets and Tidbits. It only has a couple of posts on it so far, and will probably never be particularly active. Anyway, I like to keep it around for the more personal, real life stuff, though it's not meant to be a personal journal. I don't imagine that I'm that interesting.

I've recently developed a four-times-a-week workout habit, which it looks like I might actually be able to stick to, and I have some weird idea that I'd like to run the Stockholm Marathon in 2010 (2009 is unrealistic). We'll see how that goes. So when I'm not at the gym or writing something in one form or another, I hang out with friends or my lovely family. No little brats of my own yet (working on finding a dad first...), but I've been blessed with a feline beauty queen who likes to keep me company when I'm at my computer.

Well, that's it! If there's anything else you'd like to know, drop me a line!